Ocean Animals Bingo
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How To Make 
1. Chose the colored version or the black and white version of the game. If you choose colored just simply print all the pages. If you choose the black and white, print and color in all the pages. If possible print on cardstock. Print the number of bingo boards you will need. There are 10 different ones. You should print one board per child.
2. Cut around the outline of the Bingo board. Then laminate the boards 
3. Laminate the Bingo markers pages, then cut them out.
4. Print two call sheet pages. On one laminate and cut out each square. On the other, just cut and laminate them all in one big square. (HINT: You could mount the call page onto a file folder, then use the folder to store the bingo boards and pieces.)

How To Play 
1. Give each child a board and bingo markers.
2. Set out the call sheet for the person calling the game.
3. Mix up the individual call pieces.
4. Hold up one call piece and announce what it is. If the children have this piece on there card, they can cover it with a bingo marker.
5. Once the caller has called the piece they can place the piece onto the call sheet matching the picture.
5. Keep playing till someone covers there whole board, or all the children have filled there boards.