Winter Memory Game
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How To Make 
1. Chose the colored version or the black and white version of the game. If you choose colored just simply print all the pages. If you choose the black and white, print and color in all the pages. If possible print on cardstock. Print the game pieces on one side of the paper. Then insert the same paper into the printer on the other side and print the backing for the pieces. (This is important. It will help you keep the same pieces stored together and keep the children from seeing through the paper when playing the game..) Make sure you do this twice.
2. Laminate and cut out each square.
3. Store pieces in a zipper bag.

How To Play 
1. Have the children place the pieces randomly in 4 rows of 6. (or really any way they want, but rows make playing a little easier.) Make sure pieces are placed picture side down.
2. Have the children take turns turning over one piece, then another. If they match they can take the two pieces and place in front of themselves and go again. If they do not match have them turn the pieces over and the next child goes.
3. Keep playing until all the pieces are gone. Then play again.