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Preschool Printables CD-Rom Return Policy:

Please be sure to ask all questions about our CD-Roms before you order. We will be happy to answer your questions. Email us! Our return policy is we will only except unopened CD-Roms for a refund, minus shipping & handling charges. (Actual paid shipping price + $1.00 Per CD-Rom.) (Un-opened: We have a seal on all our CD-Roms and if this seal is open, broken, or tampered with in anyway the CD-Rom is not returnable.) 

There is no refunds on Downloaded orders!

Steps to return CD-Roms: Please email us first before returning any CD-Rom. Note: If you do not notify us through email that you are returning the CD and state a valid reason for the return, then your return will not be excepted and no refund will be issued. All returns must be received within 7 days from the date of delivery confirmation.

Problems with a CD-Rom: While we do everything possible to ensure the accuracy and proper working order of your CD-Roms, if you were sent an incorrect, damaged or defective product we will be happy to replace it for you with a new copy of the CD-Rom you ordered. We ask that you email us first. We want to make sure the problem is the CD-Rom and not another issue. Then we will ask that you return the CD-Rom to us (Please use the original envelope.). We will then send you a new CD-Rom and compensation for your shipping back to us. (Via first class mail ONLY!) All returns must be received within 7 days from the date of confirmation of a problem.

Please check your order over for mistakes before paying for your items. If you give a wrong mailing address and your item is returned you will be charged shipping for the item to be sent to you a second time. 

Wrong shipping: If you order a download copy and chose shipping fees instead of the Free Download shipping, you will be charged for the shipping you chose. Refunds on shipping cost selected instead of the download shipping will incur a $1.00 fee.

If you order more products then you intended (ex. You put two of one CD-Rom in your shopping cart and did not remove it before completing your order.) or decide to cancel your order by email us, your refunds will be issued in the following way:

1. If the mistake on the order is noticed before the order ships but after the credit card has been charged, there is a $1.00 fee for refunds.

If the mistake on the order is noticed after the order ships, The return policy at the top of this page applies.

If the mistake on the order is noticed before the credit card is charged, the order will be corrected with no fee.


Last updated or changed 4/22/2009

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