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Circus File Folder Game

Concerns over animals & the circus? Not all circuses involve animals.
Many have only human performers. The human performances are an art.

Due to concerns, I felt I needed to explain more about these games and what you find on this themed CD.

I tried to depict the human performers of a circus in these games,
NOT circus animals.
In the information below you find a full list of all 13 games and the areas they concentrate on.
There are only 2 games that involve animals. One is trained dogs and the other is sea lions sizes.
I wanted to focus more on the people who practice and perform these amazing acts.
Juggling, strength training, stilt walking, clown performers, etc... work just as hard
as any dancer, musician, gymnast, sports player, cheerleader, etc.

While teaching children we tell them, they can grow up to be anything they want to be. Circus performers included.

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